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Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
gambling, while 46% oppose. 9% are undecided. this johns hopkins professor says they are in favor for different reasons. >> the republicans like to have the source of revenue without the inconvenience of imposing a tax. it short circuits the political system. for african americans, i think that's the issues are more complex. many of religious denominations take a dim view of gambling. they are figuring, there goes the neighborhood. >> 54% of those claiming that expanded gaming is most likely to get them out to the polls plan to vote against it. so the pro and con tv ads may not be helping either side's cause. >> i think it is succeeding in making people angry on both sides. >> a potential danger has emerged in this battle. it concerns hollywood gaming and maryland line. we will have more on that 6:00. reporting live from the newsroom -- wbal-tv 11 news. >> we continued team coverage of commitment 2012 with a look at how maryland voters are viewing the presidential election. voters here prefer -- president obama 56% 2 mitt romney, 34%. but it looks like there is more bad news for m
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, anyone who uses straw street near johns hopkins university will have to make some changes -- charles street near johns hopkins university will have to make some changes to their commutes. an earlier look shows some of the road closures and detours as part of phase one of the project. these are small headaches compared to what is in store. there are four phases total. phase two is when you see the traffic is most impacted. the goal is to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow in the area. he will expect to see a wider road and pedestrian and bicycle lanes. >> your insta-weather-plus podcast -- forecast -- >> chilly this morning and comfortable during the afternoon. changes are on the way. there is some shower activity in parts of western maryland. very light, a few sprinkles associated with this. there is much more sitting of to our south and west. there are some -- there is some thunderstorm activity into parts of the gulf coast region. the storm will be dragging quite a bit of moisture into the mid- atlantic. a slow-moving storm tracking west of the mountains means a couple of d
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
with an amazing story of john hopkins. it took about half a dozen operations and 20 months of works, but surgeons call it a big success. the patient is a 42-year-old from maryland. here's a look at the beginning of the operation in january. her left ear had been removed due to an aggressive skin cancer. this painstaking series of operations is believed to be one of the most complicated performed. they pieced together dozens of its bones and arteries and surgeries -- surgeons were able to take from spare body parts and skin. they had to use her forearm, which is the next best match. pieces of her rabbit or used to make the new year and 20 months later, she is focused on recovering. doctors credit her determination and courage to go through such an exhausting series of procedures. finally, this will make you cringe -- an anti aging step few men will consider -- castration. researchers looked at men who lived in it correa and for centuries they found men who had their testicles removed outlived other men by at 219 years. a few lived past 100. some doctors speculate that lower levels of testosterone
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3